There is Nothing Spiritual About Being Broke - Amber Valdez

There is Nothing Spiritual About Being Broke

Lightworkers – it’s time to reclaim your birthright of abundance and learn how to be paid abundantly for your gifts.

The dormant abundance codes are ready to be activated.

The scarcity must be updated as the matrix spell & slavery collar comes undone!

The ancient karmic beliefs & spells cast on our great grandparents are ready to be rewritten in order for the light to win World War III-the spiritual war.

Let this be the moment in time where we no longer buy into the lies & martyring that “real lightworkers & healers” are supposed to offer our services for free.

Let us release any and all guilt & shame we may be holding onto about being rich or wealthy.

Because let’s face it. There is nothing spiritual about being broke.

And who better to be compensated abundantly for doing god/goddess/universe’s work than Lightworkers.

Who said by owning our spiritual gifts, medicine and magick means we are sentenced to a life of struggle and scarcity?

I mean look what has happened to this planet with the 1% elite making most of the wealth??

Based on history, those that have the money have held the power and also created the problems we are facing on earth now.

It’s time Lightworkers take the power back because it’s the conscious humans with money that can make a real impact & create the change required to create heaven on earth!

If you are Lightworker hiding in the Spiritual closet whose hoarding your gifts, your light, your medicine, and your leadership – What are you waiting for?? We need you on the battlefield waving your sword of light.

It’s time for you to step in and take your power and abundance birthright back.

This world must ascend and it’s up to us to help this new earth be born.

And if you’re living in scarcity it’s serving no one and in all honesty preventing this planet from ascending.

So are you ready to take on your abundance initiation?

Are you ready to break the lineage of scarcity in your family line once and for all?

Are you ready to wake up with your soul on fire getting paid for making a difference in this world & for just being?

If so, I got you, boo!


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