Healers Need Healers Too. - Amber Valdez

Healers Need Healers Too.

What are you doing for your soul care?

As healers, way-showers, star-seeds, and lightworkers having a human experience, we can easily get caught up in the 3-D matrix fight-flight response loop.

With all that’s occurring within this portal of eclipses, retrogrades, solstice, uprising, re-evolution, timelines are rapidly collapsing as the 3d programming is crumbling and the new earth emerges, it is understandable to see how most of us are getting swept into the mix creating mental, emotional & spiritual fatigue.

I know that to be the case for the 52 students of Let Your Light Shine Live as we do our shadow work as a collective is forced to do theirs.

One thing my guides are continuing to remind me of is that healers need healers too!

Last week alone consisted of a Medical Qigong treatment for my soul with my brother, a collective ancestral feminine healing in Lightworker Academy with the African grandmothers channeled through, a reiki and crystal journey, distance chakra attuning, followed by a distance energetic intuitive healing by my spiritual mentor/ healer that unblocked my throat chakra, releasing the pain & sadness that was being held in my chakra from having to surrender & face off yet again with the ancestral pressure felt my whole life to help everyone and leave no one behind.

The earth energies are intense right now y’all. Beings are feeding off of fear & anger, swarming to feed off of humans like bees. That’s why myself and some of my dearest healers are opening up a few spaces to have some of you come to reflect, release, restore, and recalibrate your mental physical & emotional bodies so you get to get back into alignment with source, your power, and remembering who you.

If your Interested, DM me for 2 to 3 day deep dive immersions starting in July. These experiences will include & not limited to; Reiki, bodywork & massage, sensual, inner child healing, qigong, medical Chi gong treatments Crystal bed, sound healing & medicine.


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