Success Stories & Testimonials | Amber Valdez


Hundreds of students have graduated from my online programs and went on to create massive results in their lives. Those who work with me end up gaining clarity around their purpose, becoming the happiest version of themselves, creating deeper connection, getting paid for their gifts, living a purpose-driven fulfilled life that they love, and so much more.

“She’s constantly fine-tuning her own instrument so she can serve in the highest capacity and truly help others transform their lives”

– Alexi Panos,
Modern Day Philosopher, Writer, Artist, Humanitarian

“She goes to the emotional roots of an issue, and hits on it in a way that you cannot hide from yourself anymore”

– Alex Fairman,
Co-Founder Next Level Coaches & SPEAR, Mystic Teacher

“It is the best, best approach for anyone who is looking to create massive change in their life”

– Emily Gallagher,
CEO of Conscious Boss

“Changed my life and 10X’ed my business”

– Student,
Let Your Light Shine Live Bootcamp

“She completely shifted my mind into doing what I love and making a living out of it”

– Carly,
Holistic Health Coach & Personal Trainer

“I am so grateful for the gift of awareness, and the gift of transformation that she has given me”

– Becca Van Leeuwen

“The biggest takeaway from this bootcamp was self-love. Really find the value of it and how vital it is.”

– Student,
Turn “You’re Crazy” Into Your Purpose Bootcamp

“After the bootcamp, I felt that what I had to say is important. It made me feel more powerful.”

– Student,
Let Your Light Shine Live Bootcamp

“I’ve become more comfortable to being seen and I’ve attracted clients into my business.”

– Eleanor,
Let Your Light Shine Live Bootcamp Student

“This is for anyone who wants to make a difference and feel liberated in the process.”

Let Your Light Shine Bootcamp Student

“I learned to attract whatever it is that I want and live in a place of joy and gratitude on a daily basis.”

Boss Babe from Ontario Canada

“She’s the ‘bullshit police’ because of her willingness to call me on my excuses.”

– Jessie,
A Yogi from NYC

“I’ve made myself realize that everything I want is possible.”

Turn “You’re Crazy” Into Your Purpose Bootcamp Student

“She’s helped me with some amazing tools to really step up in my life and to own my worth.”

– Aly,
Turn “You’re Crazy” Into Your Purpose Bootcamp Student

“It absolutely changed my life! The investment I did with Amber and her coaching has been one of the best investments I ever did in my life.”

– Jackson,
Let Your Light Shine LIVE Bootcamp Student

“This is for anyone that wants to turn the ‘me’ into a message and wants to literally shine light.”

– Grace Cater,
Let Your Light Shine Student

“I feel like I’m so committed to my shine that everything that isn’t that feels really clear.”

– Jen,
Let Your Light Shine Bootcamp Student

“I now feel super free and that is so powerful.”

– Ashley George,
Let Your Light Shine student

“The biggest breakthrough for me is I feel like I can own myself and that I can trust myself.”

– Jodi Opsahl,
Let Your Light Shine Bootcamp

“I feel more comfortable going live. I feel more clear, more confident, which is awesome.”

– Emilie,
Let Your Light Shine Bootcamp

“It’s the healing that she’s giving to people, of them owning their lives.”

– Dawn Marie Delahunt

“I felt lost. Now, I feel like I’m back on track and that it’s okay to share myself and be vulnerable.”

– Aimee,
Let Your Light Shine Bootcamp

“Her energy and enthusiasm is the most amazing thing to experience. She truly believes in everyone she works with and I am so thankful that she will forever be my other Cheerleader! Thanks girl, love you XoXo”

– Rachel B.

“She is extremely passionate about her work and I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. She was always there when I needed her. She truly SAVED MY LIFE! ”

– Liz W.

“Because of Amber, I’ve been clearer on my PURPOSE for my life – which is to be a healer and in service to others. Every. Single. Time. She practices what she preaches and creates results in her life.”

– Mariana V.

“After working with her, it really helped me structure things in my life as I created important boundaries. It made a huge difference in such a positive way.”

– Sandra L.

“AMBER VALDEZ is the ultimate life coach. She guides your growth in the spiritual, physical areas of your life. She can do a complete rebuild or fine tune your life or lifestyle so that you can achieve your dreams and goals.”

– Vince Z.

“Our weekly calls and frequent text communication were nothing but HIGH VIBRATION to keep me in a state of *being* versus *doing.*”

-Sammy D.

“Every time I see her she gives me tried and true ideas to move me forward with my purpose and my goals, and gets me more excited about my life than before talking to her.”

– Tessie T.

“This woman is such an indescribable blessing! Thanks to her I have found myself again and thus renewing the pursuit of my life’s purpose with passion.”

– Lourdes L.

“Amber is a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with! She evokes real, tangible results and will get you to your goals quicker than you thought possible.”

– Jamie Q.

“Amber and I had a “life purpose road map session”. She was able to show me necessary things in my life to jump start my business and personal growth.”

– Joshua P.

“I love how easy she is to talk to and how she helps you to fill in the gaps that are missing in your life. She is your girl that will help you unlock your future.”

– Mechelle P.

“Amber achieves results through an action plan, a tangible road map that you can follow to improve your quality of life.”

– Rob C.

“Her coaching helped me to burn away everything I didn’t need and helped me emerge stronger, more empowered and more focused on my dreams and life purpose.”

– Haris A.

“Amber is such a rare blend of fierce love. She leads by example and dedicates her heart, mind, and spirit to her clients.”

– Christine B.

“Amber has the ability to see right through stories and get to the root of what’s holding you back. She always asks me the right questions to support me in seeing from a new perspective.”

– Ashley N.