An Ascension Prayer for You - Amber Valdez

An Ascension Prayer for You


A few weeks ago, I shared this channeled prayer on a recent Sunday “un-church” prayer circle. Did you catch it? If you missed it, I wanted to make sure I shared it with you.

With all the twists and turns of this ascension journey, my wish is this prayer supports you as you navigate it all with grace.


“Dear Great Spirit & Divine Grace,

I call upon you now as I sit humbly unattached.


I know you are guiding and always watching. Observing if I will pass the magnitude of tests you have gifted me to overcome.

Please know that I’m not playing.

I am ready and willing to serve.

I am all in.

With not just my wishes, hopes, prayers, and words, but with the fullest Integrity in aligned, committed action.

I affirm, declare and demand in this now moment that the way opens and my true North is revealed.

I surrender & humbly hand the “how” over to you now.

I choose to get out of my way so that you may step in and intervene on my behalf.

Please give me deeper levels of discernment, compassion, courage, grace & trust as I navigate in how to best keep showing up in deep service for the highest and greatest good of all sentient beings throughout the Universe.

I affirm declare and demand those that need my gifts to come to me now with ease and grace and those weighing my wings down, be removed from my life with ease and love.

Bless me and my loved ones with protection & infinite abundance for our service to this beautiful planet and on our mission to create heaven on Earth.

I am ready for this great initiation and massive DNA activation which I know comes with great responsibility.

I know the Lightworker path is not easy but I know it is the only way as it is my soul’s mission.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I believe I believe, I believe!

Aho, Amen and so it is!”

I see you lightworker and am honoring your ascension journey. Thank you for doing the good work on yourself!

Remember…we’re all in this together! We don’t have to do this alone.

xo, Amber


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