"Spirituality is not a trend. It’s not about the way you dress or speak." - Amber Valdez

“Spirituality is not a trend. It’s not about the way you dress or speak.”

So here goes your girl…

This quote got me today as I and some of my girls in my space are seeing a trend from many online business coaches pivoting into “spiritual” coaching after just one trip to the burn, a kambo, mushroom or ayahuasca ceremony, reading a couple of books, podcasts, buying some crystals while consuming content of the authentic leaders this space & witnessing their organic success then all of a sudden deciding to copy the content, landing pages, and posts verbatim, trying and recreating program ideas, or even go so far as to start to speak like them, basically a complete 180 in messaging and such simply because being “spiritual” is now trendy and a good biz move.

I am beyond grateful the collective is waking up and this is a big invitation for us all to use deep discernment with people who out of nowhere are now claiming to be “spiritual mentors and guides”, posing with their angel cards in Prayer Mudra, and who are using spiritual jargon, claiming to be “woke”, “ enlightened”, and “already live & ascended into 5D”.

When in reality they are just watching stories, youtube videos, podcasts, reading others landing pages and posts, lack integrity by simply regurgitating it all with no mention of the source.

Be very careful about letting people coach you, take you on medicine journeys, or facilitate activations that have never been trained or initiated and are new to the game. This can be very very dangerous.

Some people open portals they can’t close and have never been mentored or learned how to keep you safe in these realms.

There is a rise of smoke and mirrors in the “spiritual space” and just because they paint their face with tribal markers, been to Bali & can regurgitate content does not mean there are from the light or have pure intent.

Spirituality is not a trend. We all have a spirit and therefore we are all spiritual. It’s not about the way you dress or speak.

Channel the medicine your meant to onto this plane & be YOU — that is a strategy that will never fail.


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