Let's be more curious, ask more questions. - Amber Valdez

Let’s be more curious, ask more questions.

Thank you, GOD! On my way back to the mountain today, I was almost hit by a car speeding past me while weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway being chased by a police car.

He then hit a car full of kids in front of me, which crashed into the back of another car which then spun them across a few lanes facing them into incoming traffic, pushing them to crash into the medium.

He then just kept going, lost control, flew across four lanes crashing into the medium himself, got out, and ran.

The crazy thing is on my way down the mountain from Topanga, the roads are thin or two lanes where you can’t see what’s around the bend…

Much like our lives we just have to trust that whatever is coming just ahead of us will play by the rules so then we’re both safe.

I realized that driving is just like the current government. We just trust and unknowing hand our lives & fate over to people every day, trusting they will play by the rules, have our best interest at heart, and make choices so that we are safe.

The truth is just like today, those drivers had no control over what others choose or the actions they take but yet are impacted.

It made me think of why many of us just ignorantly and naively trust our legislators, elected officials, and government to make choices that have our best interest at heart. But Like today — that’s just not the case.

The election is just a few months away and we must not be naive as the fate of us and our loved ones is at stake and we can no longer just trust those in power to have our best interest at heart.

Let’s begin to get curious, all ask more questions, do research on what matters, slow down, and stay hyper aware as we navigate through all the distractions here to confuse us.

I am grateful for my angels and guides who kept me safe today and praying that all those impacted are okay. I also pray the man responsible gets help and a deep soul healing because I can’t imagine the cross and weight he’s bearing today. Just as those making inhumane legislative decisions that are putting the American people at risk every day.


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