Relationships are half of what you see on the gram. - Amber Valdez

Relationships are half of what you see on the gram.

We only see the highlight reels but honestly, no one really knows the full scope of what happens inside relationships because the lows, trigger parties, breakdowns & hour-long deep dive moments rarely make the IG stories.

Being single for almost two years & now merging lives with a conscious man who checks my ideal partner list & is in the work is amazing. And although we have a ton of fun & show you inside our playful moments please don’t think for one second it’s been all bliss & rainbows so far.

Here’s the deal. Yes we’re both coaches, who’ve done a significant amount of work & yet will never arrive, but the tricky part in a “conscious partnership” means although we’re able to have deep discussions – the flip side is we can’t hide anything or BS one another for one second or get away with pulling the “I’m fine” card & just leaving it there.

Dating someone in the work seems like it would be easier.. and in some ways, it is in terms of values, aligned missions, spirituality, belief systems, commitment, ability to be open, and having emotionally intelligent communication.

What’s not easy in my experience is not being able to just bypass a situation, be inauthentic, avoid vulnerability, or pretend it’s all good.

In the past, before I dove into self-development when I first started to date someone it felt acceptable and expected to naturally sugar coat, let shit slide, play a cool girl, or pretend everything’s fine when it’s not. To play games, hide emotions so you don’t appear needy or care too much & not give honest feedback so you don’t rock the boat. Have you been there?

With my partner, let’s just say we flew right past the 6-month honeymoon part of “let me show you only my “good” side stage & pretend nothing triggers me, I love everything about you & agree with everything you say & everything you do is a perfect phase.”

The level of authentic communication that is required in a conscious partnership can at times be exhausting & at the same time amazing – it’s all I’ve been praying for.


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