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Plunging baby

I’m Cold plunging baby! I’ve been facing off with my fear of being cold recently. After embarking on a 14-day detox (I’m on Day 8) -to clean up some gut health & adrenal issues that came online this last year, I was recently inspired by my man who has been cold plunging every morning first thing for weeks now in a metal trough in the backyard.

Since it’s been so cold in Austin, we haven’t needed to add.

The temperature has been about 36• outside and 40° in the tub water.

He invited me to join him about 5 days ago a few days into my detox and to support my healing and feeling better.

I started out with just 30 seconds, then 40, then 45, and one minute yesterday! He’s up to 5 mins..: but it’s not a competition and I hate hate hate being cold y’all and swore I’d never do this!

Then today, just when I was about ready to get out as the alarm went off, I instantly decided to try & use the power of sound to see if I could keep going.

I toned and sang and to my surprise, I could!

To be honest I probably could’ve gone longer.

You see, I have been working with & channeling angel tones, galactic sounds, earth & light language, and the ancestors for a few years now during sound baths at moon circles, for friends, clients & students in my programs, prayer circles, and in the lightworker academy’s masterclasses and moon ceremonies.

But I’d never thought about using sound to shift my physical state & calm my body while experiencing these intense temperatures.

Not only did it make everything easier, but I was also able to connect with the Divine & channel sound codes which immediately had me relax and feel safe and warm.

This truly was a great reminder for me that sound truly can transmute anything and connect us with the divine.

If you’re experiencing fear, or temporary feelings of anxiousness- my invitation to you is to start to play with the sound frequency and allow your body to align back to the divine.


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