Learn to look for the lessons - Amber Valdez

Learn to look for the lessons

At the start of my journey, the idea of working less and making more money was completely unfathomable to me. But I want you to know that it’s possible.

When you’re doing God’s work and doing what you came to this planet to do versus chasing money with strategy or marketing, things will happen in divine order to help you achieve your greatest purpose.

Before we came onto this planet we chose the lessons that we wanted to learn in this lifetime.

Everything that’s happening to us, everything that’s going on around us, we’ve chosen. And we have lessons to learn.

Learn to look for the lessons.

In looking for the lessons you’re fulfilling your soul assignment. No two souls have the same purpose but all of our journeys are necessary. By sharing your light with the world you’re doing your part in serving and saving this planet

When you open your eyes to what you’re being guided toward you start to see and learn the lessons. The breakthroughs you’ll achieve will blow your mind.

They say it’s easier to win the lottery 10 times than to be reincarnated as a human.

Think about it.

People have waited thousands of years to become a human and you’re here, you’ve made it! If you’re not waking up every day with your soul on fire then you’re wasting your life.

Are you ready to start waking up every morning feeling inspired and motivated to fulfill your soul purpose then I wanna hear from you.


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