People Pleasin' is so last season... - Amber Valdez

People Pleasin’ is so last season…

How is that SELF ESTEEM of yours doin?? If not so hot— your people pleasing habit could be to blame…. So,  If you didn’t get the memo- That ish is so last season, yo!

I’m not even talking about saying YES, when you mean NO. I am talking about the day to day programing from parents (that were doing the best they could) that taught us to withhold our truth about ANYTHING! YES- anything… in order to be PC, play nice, be a good kid or not make waves. That kind of people pleasing.

So, here’s the dealie, yo… when we withhold our truth about anything little by little not only do we close up our throat chakra, we loose our self-respect, and over time this people pleasing habit LOWERS OUR SELF ESTEEM and then we believe that we don’t matter. As a result, we get bitter and resentful. Nothing cool about livin’ That #martyr life.

ALL that just from people pleasing. AND look –  I have sooo been there, especially in relationships with men in an attempt to be the “cool girl” or not be needy…

So in this moment, I invite you to check in with yourself. When is the last time you shut your voice off. From anything as simple as really wanting pizza and you settled for Chinese,  wanting shot gun but not speaking up, or eating and suffering through a horrible meal that sucked instead of sending it back and getting something you enjoyed. Maybe you said yes to friends, family, or partners out of obligation, or even swallowed your opinion, desired to be liked or to just to make others happy while you silently suffer?

This people pleasing bad habit reinforces that our needs don’t matter and we turn our backs on ourselves.

So what do you say we create a new habit practice exercising that throat of yours and own your voice today! Make one baby step in beating that people pleaser out of you and speak your truth for all things.. especially the little ones.

Big ups to my boy @russelbreton for this quote that was channeled during or recent chat!

If you are looking to find a way to put you first stay tuned cuz my next round of Turn “you’re crazy” into your purpose is around the corner and doors open Sept 3! I also have a magical intimate retreat in mount Shasta Sept 26-30 that has putting you first, getting our of the matrix in a vortex, and Mother Nature all over it. If you want more details email me at or DM me on IG @lifepurposecheerleader asap as it is filling up fast.

You matter you are worthy and stopping the people pleasing habit matters!


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