Note to the Empath: Observe, don't absorb. - Amber Valdez

Note to the Empath: Observe, don’t absorb.

I’ve been getting many texts and DM’s from our beautiful worldwide community of healers, Starseeds, Lightworkers & Empaths sharing about the deep burn-out many are swimming in.
It’s imperative now more than ever we master (myself included) ways in which we can witness. Let Spirit hold space, honor and acknowledge our brothers and sisters pain yet not absorb it and take it on to the point where we become paralyzed in grief, fear and are unable to move, function or act.

We are indeed spinning in a spiritual warfare & many non-benevolent beings are feeding off of Lightworkers light, anger, fear and energy right now.

When we are experiencing extreme fatigue, it’s a good sign we have been compromised by an entity that is not us, or an energy that is not ours.

This happened to me last week when my practices when out the door and I was consuming so much violent traumatic content that my system almost went into full emotional, mental and spiritual breakdown and overload.

I wasn’t shielding or doing my Pilar of light, nor my somatic shaking after each video, I wasn’t doing my breath and qigong and I was outputting too much and wasn’t getting enough sleep – and therefore my sovereignty became compromised.

We can’t take anyone’s pain away by feeling their pain for them. We can however honor, witness, and feel empathy and transmute it back to love and light and allow the anger to fuel committed grounded action.

I know this is easier said than done and I too am in the mastery of this that is why this is a human 3D experience and journey.

Let’s not use “I’m an empath” to keep us crippled and disempowered – let’s learn to level up, shield, and double down on our practices so we can serve humanity from our hearts!

I see you lightworker! You’re not alone. We got this.


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