Hugging Trees & A Special Announcement! - Amber Valdez

Hugging Trees & A Special Announcement!

TREE HUGGER! Yep, I am. And let me tell ya, you’re missing out on some massive medicine if you’re not one too.

Just moments after this picture was snapped while in Mount Shasta for a Qigong Retreat last month, I asked this beautiful tree for guidance.

I quietly got into a packed car and realized my energy had massively shifted. Everyone in the car was joking and out of nowhere I felt sad and so alone, which was a huge contrast from the way I had felt the entire retreat. Tears streamed quietly down my face.

It seemed this tree had cracked my heart wide open and put me into emotional tail spin that forced me to face off with a massive deep brother & sister wound that I had been avoiding feeling.

Some of the divine masculine in the car noticed I was in it, and as one held my hand, my heart chakra got heavier, the tears poured.

As we got out of the car, in a state of confusion and frustration, I lost it. And somehow the men all enveloped me into a circle.

They held space as I shared the betrayal I felt from an elder in my community who I considered a mother figure, who had convinced me she was a safe space to confide and be held, and in turn twisted my words, misrepresented my intent making a messy, painful & delicate situation even messier & more painful.

This was the unnecessary straw that created more pain, confusion & distrust in a friendship with a man I considered my soul brother, chosen family, a ride or die friend. Because of this, the bond we had was compromised & severely damaged.

With every tear the abandonment the little girl in me was experiencing revealed the deep grief that was present from losing another man & women in her life whom she once felt protected by and safe. Reliving the childhood wounds of the safety ripped away as her chosen home was broken yet again.

I also shared the feeling of the pressure of the pivot spirit is asking of me. As deeper levels of service working with lightworkers as the Joan of Arc of lightworkers. Being asked to set the pom poms aside & pick up a crystal sword as a warrior for the light.

Leading lightworkers out of the closet and forth to the front lines owning their spiritual gifts loud and proud.

Enrolling them to own their light and power, to link arms and join me as we march forward to serve this planet with our light, our gifts as we standing in courage, confidence, strength and resilience.

I never felt so scared, unsure and unsafe. Feeling like I wanted to hide in the mountains forever and live a simple life and not go back to LA. Questioning if I can serve my mission without the chosen family I’ve known in harmony and unity. Could I march alone? Will I have to?

The men then began to all sing hallelujah, I joined in and channeled angel tones. And then the elder prayed over me and my path. My brothers reminded me who am I. Reminding me I am not alone. That God is here, my tribe is here, my brothers are here and that I am ready AND I am safe.

Let this is your reminder that the trees are ancient wisdom keepers.

They speak heart to heart only! 5d style!

They don’t give a shit about logic or reason. They hold the medicine and are the doors to the remembrance.

If you are looking for answers, the healing and clarity you seek can be found in their stillness. Whispering to your heart and your soul.

Are you listening?

I have a retreat coming up in Mount Shasta on September 26 to the 30th.

A time to be reminded who you are in one of the greatest vortex’s in the world. If your feeling the call, to get off grid and receive tree medicine and so much more- I would love for you to join.

I’ll be posting updates and more info as it becomes available, as we just secured the dates.

So if you’re feeling called then you already know it’s a YES and it’s time. We have ten spots, Will one be yours?

If so the trees are waiting and the medicine is available. DM me on Instagram, or email to get on the list. So excited to share more magic with you.


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