Are you coming from compassion or righteousness? - Amber Valdez

Are you coming from compassion or righteousness?

To all my Lightworkers out there having tough conversations with their family, online, & with loved ones who are getting much resistance and still not being enough for people in the process of doing your very best…

I feel you.

And remember – no one said being a lightworker and a stand for justice, unity & peace was easy.

Honoring you all as we navigate through leading with our hearts and compassion while sometimes missing the mark and being judged by others.

I know it’s frustrating to see how many people in your life either feel this revolution doesn’t concern them or are expressing a lack of empathy, hate, ignorance, or racist responses or deem its propaganda. I’m getting your DM’s so I know how many of you are feeling hurt, abandoned, helpless, or angry at the moment.

I’m honoring this collective initiation into deeper levels of patience & compassion 5 D’s. Remember the oldest play in the book is to divide and conquer. Humans can be controlled if they succeed at pinning us against one another.

If people are being unkind, projecting their fight-flight responses & fears onto you or speaking from their wounds in reaction…

1. Pause, Breathe & Pray.

2. Take some time before you respond or react.

3. Get curious first versus trying to defend, blame, cut them off, or run away.

4. Do your best to build bridges of love & patience versus burn them down with blame & hate.

5. If people aren’t open, run away or make you wrong, remember your peace comes from within & it’s not your job to chase or convince.

6. Drop into your heart & love them for where there are at & sometimes that means from afar. Hand it over to god-goddess.

7. Draw Boundaries.

If you’re coming from love, compassion, and kindness and they are coming from hate, projection, and blame – tell them you love them and take some space.

Projecting, name-calling, or trying to change them is not going to get them to see the light.

It creates more of a divide which is the exact opposite of the new earth & heart-based consciousness.

Don’t be sucked into doing the same behavior the agenda is trying to manipulate.

Are you coming from compassion or righteousness?


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