Is your unresolved trauma holding back your business? - Amber Valdez

Is your unresolved trauma holding back your business?

When it comes to business, working on ourselves to integrate our shadow aspects with who we are can be the game-changer before entering the next level of success.

When we’ve been avoiding that self-work for a long period of time it can create beliefs that are so deep-rooted, we don’t even know they’re there.

They show up as blocks in our lives, oftentimes within our business and relationships that leave us feeling stuck and frustrated.

If you’ve been feeling stuck lately and have had enough of hustling hard and seeing no success then girll it’s time to switch things up.

It’s time to sit yourself down and dive deep into your Soul Work because when you identify the trauma that you’re carrying you often expose your purpose.

You’re literally being guided to it but first, you gotta follow the breadcrumbs.

And while we’re on the topic of success, there’s so much more to ascension than manifesting and advancing for our own gain. That’s simply a bonus. By healing yourself, you’re healing your lineage for past, current, and future generations and there is no greater privilege than that.

The true purpose of your work goes far beyond creating your reality and involves changing the world as we know it.

Do the work now and let the trauma stop with you. In turn, you open the portal to the levels of success you’ve only been able to dream about.


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