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A common BS myth in the spiritual entrepreneur world

A common BS myth in the spiritual entrepreneur world is that you need to set up funnels, email sequences, have a fancy website, invest in ads, strategies in the beginning to grow your business.

And how is this you are wondering?

It’s easier and more simple than you think…

I went from 700 followers to 10,000 literally overnight from Showing the f up consistently, being in true blue service and, vulnerable & authentic!

Leading my biz from being dropped into my heart, uncensored, and embodying my truth is one of it, not the top thing I attribute to the impact I’ve made in thousands of students and clients to date and the overall success of my business.

I believe as lightworkers committed to creating heaven on earth, breaking through our fears of being judged & with doing whatever it takes to shine & give our gifts is part of our non-negotiable soul contract to serve the light this lifetime.

As we shift into this new earth, the time of getting away with doing business out of integrity and inauthentic (only showing the “best” I have it all together or I’ve arrived mentality) is collapsing.

Look babe if you can’t show up authentic as all of yourself none of your strategies, fancy website, saying all the “right” things in polished ads or funnels are ever going to work!

People are getting more intuitive everyday & can smell fake from a mile away!!!!

If you need support with how to be cool with the world seeing all of you, turning your mess into your message and your pain into your purpose, and make being real on and offline your new normal, reach out!


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