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Celebrating our sisters

I honestly don’t think we celebrate our sisters enough. So let’s do something about that, shall we?

For centuries women were pinned against one another.. programmed to compete for men, love, and forced to tell on one another during the witch trials. No wonder why so many women have massive women’s wounds. It’s in our DNA.

I myself was also like many of us was a victim to mean girls. I was bullied and made fun of by girls I looked up to for my nose, not developing fast enough, being too skinny, and all the things.

It was so painful in addition to having a less than ideal relationship with my own mom.

I’ve done much work around this for ten years and am now grateful for those experiences because not only have they made me the woman I am today, committed to deep self-love, never leaving anyone out or behind, and proud that I can now celebrate the deep friendships and healthy sisterhood that I have cultivated. I can appreciate how far I’ve come in learning to trust and feel safe around women again.

I believe we get to be the change we want to see. So today, I’m giving you a chance to celebrate a fellow sister and make her day!

Who is she to you and why does she inspire the f-out of you?
What do you admire about her?
What can she be celebrated for?

Tag as many women that you like and let’s do our part to collectively heal this feminine wounding once and for all!

I’ll go first… @alexipanos is a dear friend and loyal sister. Celebrating you for being a mom of 4 including two twins and doing it with such grace and remaining so real. In awe of your mom on zero sleep rally and life juggle game! And still, you somehow seem to show up on time in all the ways. You’re such a boss babe in your business ventures- friendships- and an investment genius! You inspire the f-out of me! Love you!

See how easy that was? Okay, your turn. I can’t wait to celebrate the women in all your lives!


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