A Dream Come True - Amber Valdez

A Dream Come True

It brings tears to my eyes knowing that I am living proof that being an investor is possible for every woman no matter our upbringing. You see, I grew up on food stamps & free lunches, raised by a single mother, a father who struggled with addiction most of his life, and college just wasn’t in the cards for me.

Most of the adults around me were in scarcity and there just wasn’t a lot of space for me to dream or any physical evidence that living an abundant thriving life or being an entrepreneur was possible.

This is truly a humbling moment that I can proudly say I’m the first one in my immediate family to be an angel investor!!

And I am even more proud to have invested in an all-female funded and run company @drinklitepink . I’m honored to have invested in @loriharder dream and to be co-creating a new standard, paving the way for all women alongside 53 other trailblazing women. This is truly a dream come true.

Did you know that only 3% of investments go to women-led companies?!!! What’s up with that!

This gets to change ladies! Men are making, funding, and running the companies of the products we use every single day.

How can you change this?! Start purchasing from women-owned businesses this holiday season!

And remember to not let your current circumstances hold you back. Invest in yourself to get the tools and the sky’s the limit! You truly can have it all!


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