Women get to support Women! - Amber Valdez

Women get to support Women!

Many of you are asking me in my DM’s what inspired me to invest so much into another women’s dream and vision? ⁠

First of all, everything that @LoriHarder touches turns into gold. She’s not only created multiple 8 figure businesses, but I’m so inspired by her make-it-happen drive, boss babe work ethic, along with her fun, goofy, kind, and humble personality. She also, like me, never felt like she fit in, and was often left out as a young girl. We are both committed to doing our best to never leave any sister out or behind. ⁠

As women, most of us have been deeply programmed to be in competition with one another. Whether it be for men, attention, money, opportunities, etc. This is one of the many matrix lies to keep us separated and from creating heaven on earth. ⁠

It’s long overdue that we begin to heal the sister wound. Women get to support women! This is the only way we can ascend into 5D, how we create the New Earth, and embody Christ-consciousness.⁠

@drinklitepink is more than just a fun bubbly low calorie alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink – it’s about creating real conversations and bigger opportunities for all women. Lite Pink is female-founded and completely female-funded. It is proof that opening doors for other women is the key to accomplishing all of our dreams and doing our part to create unity, especially amongst women first!⁠

Kick the door open.⁠
Hold it for the women behind you.⁠
Be the proof that we can do anything.⁠


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