Are you in? - Amber Valdez

Are you in?

2020 is calling us to step it up and transcend from the 3D to the 5D level of consciousness.

We are being called as a collective to come forward and heal this planet by uniting as one.

By allowing ourselves to be guided from a space of unconditional love and fearlessly shining our light with the world.

It’s no longer enough to be working from the 3-Dimensional realms of consciousness.

We are being called to act from beyond the cerebral part of our brains that are based on logic.

We are being called to lead with our hearts.

It’s time to let go of the resistance that’s keeping us rooted in the 3D and open our hearts to begin to live an ascended life.

The collective is waking up and this is your moment to choose to move with the shifting energies and step into your reason for gracing this planet.

The shift is happening whether you’re ready for it or not. Are you in?


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