How do I release what no longer serves me? - Amber Valdez

How do I release what no longer serves me?

How do I release what no longer serves me?

I tune into my intuition.

Trust me – she’s gotten me out of more than one sticky situation in my time!

But developing this relationship took time, work, and effort. It wasn’t just something I was just born with the ability to do or something that I just asked for one day and instantly received.

No, it took work.

It took working on my connection with the source to be more consciously aware of my inner guidance systems and learning to listen to them – awareness is the key here!

When you choose to consciously become aware of what’s going on inside – beyond the level of the mind and at the spirit level – you’re able to tap into new realms of spiritual dimensions and continue forward with your ascension knowing you’re being divinely guided and supported.

The greatest thing about creating this relationship with your intuition is that over time you can fine-tune this connection and learn to trust it before you start heading down the wrong path.

Trust and respect your intuition – they’re instructions from your spirit guides.

Anything that doesn’t align with my soul assignment, my purpose, my reason for being.

I feel it immediately and I’m at a stage now where the minute that whispers hits I’m out.

How is your relationship with your intuition?

Do you have complete trust or is your ego still fighting for its moment in the spotlight?


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