How do I release what no longer serves me? - Amber Valdez

How do I release what no longer serves me?

How do I release what no longer serves me?

I tune into my intuition.

This old gal and I, we go way back she and I have literally seen it all.

Trust me – she’s guided & blessed me up more times than I can count! And oftentimes her guidance would sound “crazy” to most people.

But developing this relationship and trusting took time and effort.

It took practice going within into deep prayer, Speaking to my ancestors, and trusting my connection By learning to listen to those whispers & loud tugs -no matter what!!

The greatest thing about creating this relationship is one day it will click and you can’t help but trust the instructions knowing they are from your spirit guides.

Anything that doesn’t align with my soul assignment, my purpose, I feel it immediately and I’m at a stage now where the minute I hear that whisper, I listen no matter what.

How is your relationship with your intuition?

Do you have complete trust or is your ego still telling you “you’re crazy”?


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