A message from my heart to yours - Amber Valdez

A message from my heart to yours

A message from my heart to yours.

Our ancestors knew the way to not only survive but to THRIVE was through the tribe. And we have all heard a million times over that we are only as successful as the 5 people we spend the most time with. That’s because who we choose to surround ourselves with has a HUGE impact on our choices, actions, emotions, values, and direction. It’s why the community is key to how lightworkers succeed and make the impact they came to make. For me, the tribe was the game-changer. I was the Queen of Lone Wolves. I even wore the “I can do it by myself” as a survival badge of honor. And guess what – that worked for most of my life until I was ready to step and actually live my purpose… And here is why…

We are being called to come together to shift the planet and create Heaven on Earth because it’s impossible to make it through the ascension, a new way of life, and great awakening alone. So why are so many of us still trying? Because lone wolf syndrome programming is real, and the darkness knows together we are unstoppable – we cannot fail. This is the whole reason why I created my programs – to create the community and attract the chosen soul family I never had and always dreamed of. It’s my mission to create resources, provide mentorship, and safe supportive communities to pay forward all the tools I’ve learned that I wish I had when I was lone wolfin’ it hard and making my life so much harder. Communities for anyone like me: a closet mystic / aspiring-coach / lightworker / Starseed / healer/medicine man or woman who feels alone. Space where – just because our families or people around us might not ‘get it’ – we can let them off the hook because maybe they aren’t supposed to.

Join Lightworker Academy. A place to finally no longer feel “crazy” – because you’re reunited with people like me from around the world called the soul family that does get you.


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