Looking back to 2020 - Amber Valdez

Looking back to 2020

Happy Christ consciousness from our family of three here in Austin! Check out my instagram for a good laugh to see my partner audition for Disney Christmas cruise 🚢 line lol…. Romeo’s Christmas glamor shot, our first seafood Christmas dinner & Jerry playing elf!

I’m sure many of you can agree this has been the most CHILL holiday ever!

We only left the couch once today to cook vegan biscuits& gravy for brunch. Yummm 😋

We’ve been nestled up playing Christmas tunes and watching Christmas movies in our onesies!

Like most of us we are away from our blood family for the first time in many years AND I’m soul grateful to have been able to spend time With my soul family yesterday this here in austin which was a first and truly beautiful.

How was your Christmas 🎄 different this year?


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