Let’s get you armored up and ready to serve! - Amber Valdez

Let’s get you armored up and ready to serve!

I’m coming at you with a not so light-hearted question this fine but I’m feeling called to speak and honor my truth so hear me out.

Do you want to be part of raising the consciousness of the planet VS feeding into the distractions and handing over our power?

I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume most of you are choosing the first option, am I right?

Well, it’s time to flip the script on them and consciously shift into new timelines & paradigms!

If you’re done with the fear that the collective is clutching onto at the minute and are ready to reclaim your power by staying grounded and calm as things start heading down the pipe and into your space then let me know with heaven.

I’m here to support you in being your own anchor of light throughout this period of uncertainty and guide you towards standing strong in your power by equipping you with the tools to ground yourself and dodge the chaos!

It’s time to:

Put yourself first.
Honor and nurture your connection to the God-Goddess-Source-The Divine by making it your top priority.
Radiate your highest joy and tap into these frequencies.
Reclaim your power from the toxicity of the collectives FEAR vibrations and the drain on your energy from areas of your life such as family or social media.
Put your energy back into activating your purpose and following your souls’ assignment

If you’re looking to activate your purpose, begin serving this planet, and be paid abundantly for your service then this is your chance.

The state of this planet is in need of your light, wisdom, leadership, and spiritual gifts – and if you truly want to create heaven on earth… then you, dear one, can no longer rob us all of the purpose that is ready to be activated within you.

Let’s get you armored up and ready to serve!


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