You are Not Alive Just to Pay Bills - Amber Valdez

You are Not Alive Just to Pay Bills

Just in case you were wondering, there is actually more.

A whole lot more than you are here to be, do create, and have!

I see you, lightworkers!

I know it can be scary to follow the call, keep ignoring the nudges, and inner knowing by staying caught up on the eat-sleep-work just to pay the bills- rinse and repeat the cycle.

I’ve been there! I didn’t figure out my soul assignment until almost 8 years ago!

In my opinion, if you don’t know why you’re here, or how to give your unique medicine to the world, there’s nothing more important than to spend your last dollar to figure it out.

It’s never too late to say: “Enough is enough! I know I’m here for more and I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to figure that out! To get the support to execute it.”

I believe in you! Let’s get busy following the whispers of your soul and help this planet ascend!


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