The Importance of Earthing - Amber Valdez

The Importance of Earthing

Earthing? Do you do it?

And more importantly, how often? Like for real-real? ⁠

As the planet speeds up and more energy and light is literally being pumped into this planet (solar flares- research the Schumann Resonance) it’s imperative we get outside and connect with the earth and just breathe. 🌬

Yep, just b-r-e-a-t-h-e.⁠

With constantly being on our cell phones, surrounded by wifi all day, and our busy schedules our little human bodies are in a constant state of alert! Our fight or flight response increases as we attempt to integrate & recalibrate our bodies to the influx of energy & EMF.

This can manifest into feelings of stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, irritability & overwhelm which can at times feel like it came out of nowhere!⁠

So, if this sounds like how you been feeling lately.

Number 1 you’re not going crazy, you’re human- it’s happening to all of us. ⁠

So, 1 of the key tools to support you if get outside. o

Off when possible⁠.
Place your hands on the earth⁠.
Hands-on a tree or rock.⁠
And let mother earth ground all that additional energy for you.⁠

It sounds simple I know, but I guarantee you, if you incorporate this practice of even five minutes a day, you’re gonna have so much more peace in your physical, mental energetic, and spiritual body!⁠


You matter.⁠
You are worthy.⁠
Your light matters.⁠

So, let’s get busy earthing cuz we’re all in this ascension together!⁠


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