Sovereignty is our Birthright - Amber Valdez

Sovereignty is our Birthright

It’s our responsibility to maintain our sovereignty and stay in our frequency because only then can we make conscious and composing decisions.

Too many people are reacting vs responding at the moment.

And I know most of us here are empaths and that means we are very sensitive (takes one to know one;) ).

I hear many of you may be feeling like you are fighting a war within yourself as the wars have been manifesting without…I know this because y’all have been sliding into the dm’s sharing that you have been feeling deep grief as though you’re going through a massive ego-death portal.

I want to let you know I too went deep into the Darkness a month ago. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life.

This purge was related to deep ancestral, mother, and great-great-grandmother wounds. As newfound awareness of unconscious DNA imprints came to the surface. So many lineage wounds and inner-child trauma was re-activated to be healed. What a gift!! I’ll share more on this later.

There were days when I questioned everything and didn’t feel like I would make it like I died or was going to die. But guess what… I didn’t and now I feel more empowered, healed, inspired, free & more aligned to Great Spirit than ever before.

If you are in this space now…not only are you going to make it, dear one… You are going to rise from the ashes liked the phoenix as I have.

The grief and death process is necessary for the collective and the New Earth to be born. We will get through these lightworkers! It’s already been written.

Your prayers and practices matter, keeping your vibration strong matters, staying connected to Tribe, the Divine, and God-Goddess matters.

We got this.  Stay in the Light. Stay sovereign.


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