It's Native American Heritage Month - Amber Valdez

It’s Native American Heritage Month

Lightworkers – It’s in Native American Heritage month and as an an allie for Native American voices and peoples and as a mentee of Lakota elders, I am committed to continuously educate myself, my community, my friends and my students in ways that we can do better to honor, have deep acknowledgment and reverence for the native cultures, voices ways and people.

This month in my feed and stories you can expect to see a lot of ways in which you can support Native American voices, culture, businesses, and initiatives and educate ourselves on what really matters to this community.

There are many important initiatives that are at risk of heavily impacting and continue to impact our native brothers and sisters and they need our help!

Voting day is next week & are things that you can literally do to support in less than 20 seconds such as signing petitions that are automated to the appropriate senators to create change that can literally save Native womens lives like mmir, protect native children from being displaced with their families and teaching American kids real history in schools to learn the truth around “holidays” which this fabrication of what really went down, continues to cause so much pain and suffering to our native brothers and sisters.

I have learned so much from following @lakotalaw to have an inside grasp of their experience, real history, and ways to support them.

I’m committed to my audience & the World becoming aware of the truth around days like Thanksgiving.

My mission is to never leave any lightworker behind and request the support of lightworkers to step in as true Allies to our Native brothers and sisters do not leave any of them behind either.

Big love to the Native nations, you are seen you matter and you are worthy.


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