Facts about Lightworkers - Amber Valdez

Facts about Lightworkers

FACT: Lightworkers can’t run on fumes and expect to live their soul’s assignment. ⁠⁠
When we pour from an empty cup not only does our light become dim, but we block our channel and we’re actually giving the half-ass version of ourselves to our soul’s mission, family, clients, and the world. That’s just not awesome for anyone! ⁠⁠
You see if we aren’t energetically, physically, or mentally in alignment, it’s more likely an indication that we’re neglecting our soul care habits and practices.⁠⁠
No one claimed it was easy being Lightworker, but this is what we signed up for, right? ⁠⁠
The sacred pauses, rest, recalibration, and integration time is truly what’s required if we truly desire to serve more people are. ⁠⁠


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