5 Things I never travel without? - Amber Valdez

5 Things I never travel without?

As a lightworker, medicine-woman, & witch, can you guess the 5 things I never travel without?

1. Cards
I’ve been doing readings for over 20 years now, crazy! With over 20 decks they are my go-to tool to quickly tap into the support of my angels, animal guides, ascended masters & my internal guidance system.

2. Crystals
My dad gave me my first quartz when I was 16. They are in every room of my next to my & even office. When traveling, I keep them in my pocket or bra. Their frequency supports emotions, grounding & protection.

3. Essential oils
I’m such an oil nerd I’ve been using them daily for over 4 years now! They are alternative natural solutions for everyday symptoms such as head tension, digestion, cramps, skin, wrinkles, immunity & my go-to for emotional support!

I do a scan daily & ask my body what it needs & it’s always dead on!

They uplift my mood, ground me, Assist in my meditation practice, & even support me with forgiveness, motivation & focus.

I use them on my friends, my feet, chakras, in a diffuser, baths, on my pets & even as a natural perfume. I also take some internally.

I believe we have the power to heal ourselves & oils help our body do so.

4. Smudge
An ethically sourced Palo Santo stick and Sage bundle are a non-negotiable tool I can’t leave home without! Being so sensitive, it’s imperative to keep my energetic field clear of energies that aren’t mine especially wherever I sleep.

5. My medicine
I play & sing along with my drum daily to cleanse my aura, ground in between client sessions, connect to the divine, channel light language & pray to the ancestors.

What are your travel non-negotiables? Share below!

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