Why did I start Lightworker Academy?⁠ - Amber Valdez

Why did I start Lightworker Academy?⁠

Why did I start Lightworker Academy?⁠

I noticed that a lot of lightworkers didn’t have the proper support, tools, and community to navigate this human life as an empath & lightworker.⁠

When I started to have the spiritual awakening I felt lonely, ⁠confused, overwhelm, felt crazy!

Have you ever felt that way before?⁠

That’s why I created Lightworker Academy to alleviate any unnecessary pain and suffering for others and make sure that no one feels that or is left behind.⁠

Lightworker Academy is a community where we can talk about anything from mercury to the moon, spiritual awakening, the eclipse, aliens, deepen our spiritual practice, learn ancient teachings, energy work, breathwork, and astrology. ⁠

We link arm & arm as one incorporating tools, rituals, and practices to support us on this oftentimes, scary, confusing, and real as F human walk. ⁠

If you desire to have that level of support so you no longer have to feel alone, grow alone, or feel like you’re going crazy.

We celebrate the New Moon this month! ⁠


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