What are you doing for your soul care?⁠ ⁠ - Amber Valdez

What are you doing for your soul care?⁠ ⁠

As healers, way-showers, star seeds, and lightworkers having a human experience, we can easily get caught up in the 3-D matrix fight-flight response loop.⁠

With all that’s occurring within this portal re-evolution, timelines are rapidly collapsing as the 3d programming is crumbling and the new earth immerses. It is understandable to see how most of us are getting swept into the mix creating mental, emotional & spiritual fatigue.

One thing my guides are continuing to remind me of is that HEALERS NEED HEALERS, and COACHES NEED COACHES too! ⁠ I currently have 4 as I’ve never arrived!

A business coach
A somatic coach
A Qi gong mentor
And A marketing/systems & structures coach

We get to release, restore, and recalibrate your mental physical & emotional bodies so that we can get back into vibrational alignment with Source and your power and who we truly are.

Support and soul care are the nom negotiable that support lightworkers with the energy to go the distance in creating heaven on earth and continue to serve from our hearts.⁠

If you are looking for someone to be the wind beneath your wings, hold you accountable and provide you with the proven road map to living your purpose along with the and soul care and spiritual practices to get you there, reach out.


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