Real Lightworkers are Shadow Workers - Amber Valdez

Real Lightworkers are Shadow Workers

Over the last month, I’ve jumped more timelines than I can begin to count and there is no denying that I am no longer a vibrational match to what once was. ⁠⁠
Therefore, I am choosing to take some much needed time off Social media to take a step back, slow it all down, go inward, move into my new home, Travel, write my book proposal, continue to support my Lightworker Mastermind tribe and Lightworker Academy students while I reset my nervous system & dive deep into my healing with my sacred healers. Deep reflection is being called for as I take radical personal responsibility for the experiences & suffering I have accepted and allowed to unfold this past year & the impact it has caused on my life & my friends. ⁠⁠
I have a deep longing to reconnect with nature, water, and create the time for my inner-child to be fully held in the loving arms of Mother Nature, God-Goddess-I Am as I courageously lift the hood & face off again with my shadow, heal my trauma bonds, pain body residue, & inner-child wounds that had me repeat a cycle, & self-abandon. ⁠⁠
To be a true lightworker means we get to own our shadow and do the not-so-fun shadow-working too. ⁠⁠
All while we learn to forgive, have compassion for others; release the need to shame or judge ourselves or another’s behavior, & always remember that none of us have ever arrived or really know anything.


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