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At a very young age, I knew I had to be my own cheerleader. I did not have a lot of support growing up. I was raised in a broken, abusive home with a mentally ill mother and a father who was an addict. We were on food stamps for most of my childhood and I didn’t go to college.

Fast forward to now…

I am traveling the world and running a successful multiple six-figure purpose-filled business that I am in love with. I am truly living out my soul assignment.

I transformed my pain into my purpose and my mess into my message… and you can, too.

It is my soul assignment to guide intuitive, mystics, healers and lightworkers to live their divine soul assignment and get paid for their gifts.

It lights my soul on fire to see other people who win.


“I am committed to being the cheerleader for others that I never had.”

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