Let Your Light Shine - Bootcamp Special - Amber Valdez

The World’s ONLY 5-Week Coaching Program made just for coaches, healers, aspiring entrepreneurs, spiritual boss babes, starseeds, wayshowers and LIGHT WORKERS of all kinds who are ready to come out of the spiritual closet and shine their light bright so all those who need their medicine and gifts can find them.

  • Do the shadow work so you love all aspects of yourself.
  • Stop dimming your light so others feel more comfortable
  • Turn your pain into your purpose, your mess into you message.

It’s time to own your light AND your dark.

When you do the work so you can show up as your authentic self, both in the real world and online, your audience can feel it and that is what creates intimacy, trust, and respect, and ultimately their desire to work with you.

Even If You’ve Never Gone Live You’ve Probably Been Guilty Of…

  • Thinking that you’re going to mess up or even look stupid.
  • Second guessing if what you have to say is worthwhile.
  • Getting in your own head about not being “good enough.”
  • Worrying about how many likes and comments you’ll get.
  • Holding back because you’re afraid of trolls and bullies.

And if you HAVE tried going live in the past, then you know that these fears only amplify themselves when that red recording light is on.

But what if it didn’t HAVE TO be so hard…

  • What if you had UNSHAKEABLE confidence in yourself and clarity in your message?
  • What if you knew how to BE YOURSELF on camera and connect with your dream audience?
  • What if you knew how to STAND OUT from the noise and find your ideal clients?
  • What if you were able to articulate your Message and offers with absolute EASE?
  • What if you got the OPPORTUNITY to go from scared to confident and excited?
  • What if you knew what to talk about and didn’t second guess yourself or beat yourself up?
Playing the “what if” game isn’t so scary when you realize the incredibly powerful possibilities that lie within you. You can make this your reality in LYLSL.

If you don’t feel confident, ready, or qualified enough, you are not alone. In fact, most people, especially Lightworkers who care so deeply about the world will struggle to feel comfortable and are afraid to be themselves on camera.

And you wanna know why?.

It’s because at some point in this lifetime or many others you lost your voice through past trauma or suppression. THIS is the lifetime for you to breakthrough everything that’s holding you back from serving this planet and join those who broke through their fear of being judged, shamed, and persecuted and are now able to share their light with confidence and clarity. It’s time to reclaim your sovereignty, own your voice, and shine you light bright so all those that need you can find you.

There’s never been a more safe time than now to shine your light on live video.

Whether you’ve never gone live and are terrified of trying or have made lives and hated what you saw so much you wanted to delete the evidence immediately, I’m here for you!



After a ten year career in television interviewing some of the biggest stars in show biz like the cast of the Hunger Games to Sandra Bullock, being a reality TV star, the pressures to be “picture perfect” and who I thought everyone else wanted me to be left me feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, lost, not enough, hopeless — and I couldn’t shake it.

Something HAD TO change. And fast.

I took a deep dive into personal-development, loving myself, and owning my worth before FINALLY making the shift into living my true calling as a life coach, 5d business coach, ascension coach, and spiritual mentor.

It wasn’t until I turned my “mess” into my message and my pain into my power that I was able to connect deeply and vulnerably with viewers on live stream.

But when I did, I went from 700 to 10,000 followers overnight organically and spending ZERO marketing dollars!

Since then I’ve created a multiple 6 figure business, an international tribe, thousands of graduates on my international program, worldwide retreats and workshops, and a global impact bigger than I ever could have imagined.

From becoming a #1 best-selling author on Amazon, working and traveling all over the world, collaborating with top influencers in the industry, to selling out all of my programs, international retreats and workshops, and growing a powerful tribe of light workers all over the world…

…To selling out ALL of my programs and raising the funds for TWO trips to build clean water wells in Tanzania with {EPIC THE MOVEMENT}…

Who would have thought that Mastering the ability to connect with souls authentically around the world through Instagram and Facebook  LIVE VIDEO could bring me from growing up on government assistance and food stamps, to living my dream life?

And I’ve helped HUNDREDS of others do the same, and I can’t wait to help you!

BEFORE this bootcamp I felt like I shouldn’t share so much of this vulnerability because it means that you’re weak or just going to display your mess. Like, when other people do it’s powerful, but when I do it it’s just not ok. AFTER this bootcamp I feel like I’m so committed to my shine that everything that isn’t that feels really clear – like I’m either shining or I’m not, and I have that from this bootcamp in ONE MONTH!

Jen DiJulio

LYLSL Graduate & Agent of Change

I am a whole new person now! LYLSL helped me step into my power, embrace all parts of myself, and speak my truth. It gave me the courage to successfully launch my retreat business and share my medicine with the world. I am now able to share my message, mission, and medicine with the world unapologetically without being scared of how I look or how I sound. I am able to be my true self online and offline. It taught me to get out of my way so that other people can benefit and heal from my gifts.

Richa Ekka

LYLSL Graduate & Freedom Coach

“Let Your Light Shine Live is a GAME CHANGER – for sure!”

Susan Finkle

doTERRA advocate & LYLSL Graduate

“I really couldn’t recommend this gorgeous human being enough. She has really helped me to step into vulnerability, turn on my light, and start really being seen — and for a coach who’s afraid of being seen it really is impossible to attract all of the clients you’re wanting. Since stepping in and completing her bootcamp, I’ve really gotten comfortable in front of the camera and it’s just really transformed my business in so many ways.”

Ella Worsley

Empowerment Coach and Bootcamp Graduate – New Zealand

what you’ll learn

  • How to Break Through
    Your Fear of Live Stream

    I’ll teach you how to work past your fear of being on camera, fear of “messing up”, fear of being judged, fear of not being liked, and fear of no one watching!

  • How to Let Go of Your
    Doubt in Yourself

    I’ll guide you to stop questioning how you look, how you sound, or what to say when going live. No more doubting if what you have to say matters here

  • How to Unapologetically Shine
    Your Light on Live Stream

    I’ll show you how to stop censoring what you share and hiding who you are & what you’ve been through so that you’re empowered to just BE YOU!

  • How to Powerfully
    Articulate Your Message

    I’ll walk you through exactly how to hone in on what’s most important and impactful about the work that you do and express yourself clearly!

  • How to Leverage Live
    Streaming in Your Business

    I’ll breakdown what’s happening behind the scenes of Facebook and Instagram and why LIVE VIDEO is currently the only way to get ahead online!

From learning to master your live stream game, your light will shine so bright that your tribe, clients, and future customers will FIND YOU!



An accountability buddy and support coach who graduated the program to encourage you and keep you committed and make sure you stay committed! This 1:1 relationship is invaluable and could just end up being your friend for life! This person is the medicine your should is calling for to support you in this phase of your life.
VALUE = $1,111


Access to our private Facebook group that will serve as a safe space to practice, be seen, be heard, “mess up”, and get loving feedback and support on your journey!
VALUE = $3,552


10+ hours of live virtual group coaching workshops via Zoom – Take calls from your phone or computer (even in your PJs). Receive inspiration, weekly growth work assignments, weekly topics, exercise, hot seat coaching, interactive lectures, training, and mentorship or something
VALUE = $8,000


Join arms and hearts with Lightworkers worldwide who are just as committed to being seen, being heard and shining bright, and making the impact on this planet.


AND ME — a former TV host turned live video and personal development expert as your your mentor to inspire you, call you out on your bullshit, be the loving interruption, be the wind beneath your wings (and the fire under your booty) to help you shine that light live!
VALUE = $4,440

So you don’t have to do the math: That’s a $17,103+ value!


4+ HOURS of MASTER CLASS SESSIONS with EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to COACHING from some of the industries top multiple 7-figure earners with MASSIVE followings an millions of views.

These light workers shine bright as best selling authors, serial entrepreneurs, health & fitness experts, philanthropists, own multiple companies, International speakers, coaches, BOSS BABES, and have mastered the gift of broadcasting authentically to massive audiences on podcasts, Facebook LIVE, Instagram LIVE, and Youtube.

NEVER BEFORE has this level of online influence come together to love on and share their secrets intimately and exclusively with our tribe!

The amount of value these master classes alone will add to your live stream game is PRICELESS.

It’s time to let your light shine live, LIGHT WORKER! Doors are open and CLOSE SOON



Let your light shine live isn’t for everybody!

#SorryNotSorry, but you’re probably not a good fit for the tribe if…
  • Think you’re confident at lives & being vulnerable, but still not converting clients or paid customers.
  • You’re un-coachable.
  • You’re not really interested in growing your following.
  • You’re looking for overnight success without work.
  • You’re committed to comfort.

No judgment on your journey, love — I just can’t help ya.

BUT… Chances are that if you’ve read this far,
You’re trusting what has led you here and you’re ready to shine your light.

Because Let Your Light Shine Live was made JUST FOR YOU if…

  • You don’t have a ton of money to spend on marketing yourself or your biz.
  • You don’t know what to talk about or if what you have to say matters.
  • You feel you aren’t good or qualified enough to carry an audience live.
  • You worry about every detail of how you look, how you sound, etc.
  • You see others go live, shine brightly, and wish that could be you.

(SPOILER ALERT: Yes, that COULD be you!)

Here’s what the Industry’s Top Leaders are saying:

“What Amber does is she goes to the emotional roots of that issue and she hits on it in a way where you cannot hide from yourself anymore, and not only that — she then acts as your cheerleader so you can get yourself going and address your fundamental unwillingness to move forward in your life at the root level so you take responsibility and you start rocking. And then she just builds this momentum behind you, she builds this positive energy vortex. She fully sees who we are and has acted as someone who is just like a stand for what’s possible, for what we can be and I just have so much appreciation and respect for Amber. The way she shows up, the results she generates with her clients, and after you’re watching, thinking about it, “I don’t know should I should I invest in some support for Amber,” — it’s a no-brainer. Do it. You’re going to take off..”

Alexander Fairman

Empathic Leader of Men and Co-Founder of Next Level Coaches

“If you have the opportunity to work with Amber, please do yourself a favor and get in with her as soon as possible. She’s an extraordinary person who is constantly finding new ways to show up for people, to stand for people, and she’s one of those people who puts herself in the work. So she’s constantly fine-tuning her own instrument so she can serve in the highest capacity and truly help others transform their lives. So please — if you have the chance to work with Amber, make sure you take her up on it because she is an amazing human being that truly cares about all of her students and all of the amazing people in her life, and she will stand for you to be your best and highest self.”

Alexi Panos

Author of “50 ways to YAY!” & “Now or Never” – Global Philanthropist

“I attended a bootcamp with Amber Valdez recently, and before I started the bootcamp I was going through a really tough time and I felt very lost and unworthy of attention. I didn’t think that my voice mattered, but after the bootcamp I felt as if what I had to say was important and my feelings were important. It made me feel more powerful and able to speak my mind without worrying what other people think, and the biggest takeaway from the bootcamp was that the personal power I have is within me, and I shouldn’t be afraid to let my light shine. And I’d recommend the bootcamp to anyone who feels they are filled with self-doubt — moms, entrepreneurs, people who are working on building their own business.”

Nicole McNaught

Bootcamp Graduate – Australia

“I took Amber’s bootcamp a couple of month’s ago, and it absolutely changed my life. It also 10x’d my business, and I now feel more confident doing live videos than I ever thought possible. The investment that I made within Amber’s bootcamp and with her coaching has been one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made in my life. If anyone is looking to better their life, better their business, and make a difference in this world, I highly recommend being one of Amber’s clients. You will not be sorry.”

Trentamus Briggs

Coach and Bootcamp Graduate, Boise Idaho

If you don’t master the art of going live, it’s going to cost you $$$.

Not only will you waste TONS of time and energy struggling to figure out how to connect deeply with your audience but you will need to spend WAY MORE on ad costs, sales copy, website design, and marketing tricks to reach your audience (and I guarantee NONE of that stuff is as effective). This industry is saturated now more than ever, if you don’t master the art of going live, you are going to be left behind!

Think of it this way:

  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. (According to Brightcove)
    That’s because the energy you create through video RESONATES and REVERBERATES.
  • Only 7% of your communication comes from the actual words you say! The rest is HOW you show up.

That’s why video is SO much more powerful than any other form of communication — you are using SO MUCH more than just words.

The energy you put out on video either connects or repels your audience.

Energy doesn’t lie. That’s why video reaches more people.


As soon as you sign up, head on over to your inbox where you’ll receive a thank you email along with a welcome email so you have everything you need to start off strong on May 30th USA/ 31st Australia!

Our coaches are all qualified alumni of Let Your Light Shine Live who have created POWERFUL results in their own businesses after completing this program.
These are REAL coaches, healers, lightworkers, and entrepreneurs who have all RECENTLY been through the struggles you’re experiencing and are ready to guide you on this journey.
They’re living proof that you don’t have to have any professional experience in performing or presenting to 10X your biz and manifest freakin’ miracles!

If you can’t make it to any of our LIVE zoom calls and expert masterclasses during the 5 weeks, you can always access the materials via the replay links that will be sent the following day and on the Facebook replays.

Yes, there are payment plans available.

Got a question that hasn’t been answered here?
Reach out to lifepurposecheerleader.assist@gmail.com so my team can take care of you!

But before you go, I have a few questions for you…

  • How much longer do you want to hide from your soul assignment?
  • When is a good time to start living your purpose?
  • What would it mean to CONNECT without stress or second-guessing?

Trust that there are no coincidences you’re here on this page – angles, guides, and spirits are waiving the flags that it’s go time.


It’s time to get off that pedestal and get on their level!