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How to Find the Best Spiritual Coach

If you have a spiritual-based business or are looking to expand your spirituality as an individual, working with the right spiritual coach can take your business and your life to an entirely new level. You must have immense trust in whoever you choose to be your coach from day one to achieve the greatest possible outcome.

What Makes A Good Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual coach is very futuristic and action-oriented. They have the tools to help you curate your own goals, hopes, and dreams, and take the necessary steps to get there and stay there. Spiritual coaches are all about spreading positivity, finding true happiness in life, and helping you get unstuck. Instead of examining your past and your behaviors like a therapist, a spiritual coach dives into your beliefs, your divinity, and your core values.

The BEST spiritual coach doubles as your cheerleader. She believes in you and cheers you forward into your highest, best self. As Amber Valdez says “I believe in my clients so that they can believe in themselves.”

What Styles and Methodologies Should I Look for?

Almost every spiritual coach you meet will have a different style, but most will ask similar questions, like: what are you trying to change? What are your greatest successes and failures? What motivates you, and what scares you?

As an industry, life coaching is not the most structured. Some coaches will be very “in-your-face” and will pressure and challenge you to work towards your goals. Others are much more free-flowing and will make light suggestions to get you towards your goal. Plus, some coaches like to meet with clients two or three times per week – while others will meet with you once per month or less.

Different methods work best for different people. Think about which type of coaching is going to get you towards your best life, and then make sure that your coach is going to use the best methods for YOU. Some methods include teachings like the following:

Mindfulness & Conscious Living

The right life coach can teach you how to be more present in your life and to appreciate everything around you. You can achieve mindfulness by taking the time to use your senses every day. Take an extra 30 seconds in the morning to hear the birds, smell the freshly mown grass, pet your dog – whatever it may be that lights you up. Your coach can help you identify those items and help you stay mindful throughout the day.


Spiritual coaching usually focuses heavily on positivity and S.M.A.R.T goal setting (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals). Whether your goals are personal or professional, your coach can help you be more mindful, realistic, and positive. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, your life coach might teach you to say, “I will be healthy today” instead of, “I will eat less junk today.” The former is much more positive and feels more achievable.

Connecting to Yourself

Modern society makes it easy to lose your sense of self. A spiritual coach can teach you how to reconnect with what makes you, YOU, and help you live that life confidently. You can learn how to connect with your body, your emotions, and your inner thoughts. When you work with a great coach, you’ll walk away feeling like you know yourself better and you know what’s going to allow you to live your best life.

What Does a Life Coach Cost?

The cost of hiring a spiritual coach varies greatly depending on the capacity at which you are working with her/him and based on experience level and clientele. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on your coach before you begin your search, but know that the more you invest, the better the outcome (usually). If you can afford to pay more, don’t waste your time with a cheaper or less experienced coach. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider whether you’d like to have a few sessions with a more experienced coach or several sessions with a cheaper rate.

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials are HUGE in the spiritual coaching industry; it’s easy to measure a coach’s success because the whole purpose is for the coach to monitor YOUR success. If your coach’s previous clients have been successful, this is a great indicator of your potential success in working with them as well. From yoga instructors to ASL instructors, Amber Valdez has some of the most significant testimonials and Yelp reviews in the industry. Amber’s clients rave about their newfound happiness, success rates, and life-changing achievable goals. Are you ready to become one of Amber’s “Lightworkers?” You matter, you’re worthy, and your purpose matters. Just a few clicks can get you on your way to success. 


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