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    If you have a deep knowing that you are meant for so much more…

    Hey lightworker!

    I’m Amber Valdez.

    I’m a Former NFL cheerleader & TV personality turned life purpose cheerleader and intuitive coach. I’m on a mission to light one million lightworkers’ souls on fire and cheer them on to changing the planet with their gifts.

    I’m not your average life coach. I’m a spiritual guide and a business mentor.

    I guide intuitives, healers, yogis, shamans, mediums, psychics, closet mystics and spiritual entrepreneurs along their divine journey of building their dream business, maximizing their impact and getting paid well for their gifts.

    Being a lightworker isn’t some fad. It’s a soul assignment.

    “You matter, you’re worthy, and your purpose matters.”

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    The World is Waiting For You

    Love yourself and own your worth so you can get paid for living out your soul assignment. With me as your life purpose cheerleader, you will finally

    • Get clarity on your purpose and get clear on what you want
    • Master your message and powerfully articulate what you do
    • Create a profitable business with your gifts
    • Live a purpose-driven, happy and fulfilled life
    • Make a living doing what you love!

    Ways We Can Work Together

    Get clarity on your purpose so you can get paid for your gifts

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    Activate Your Purpose Challenge

    This FREE 5-day challenge is where you put YOU first and get YOU back on the path towards clarity of your soul assignment and/or in inspiring action of your true purpose. Before everyone gets caught up in the madness and the inadequacy the Holiday Season brings, and the panicked resolutions we’re supposed to make before January, I invite you to start creating a calm solid foundation and a path towards the certainty you need to LIVE a fulfilled life of Joy, Alignment, Harmony, Abundance, Sovereignty and Service.

    You’re Not Crazy, You’re Ascending Masterclass

    In this 2 hour masterclass you will gain a clear understanding about what the Ascension really is. Learn the physical and emotional ascension symptoms, essential spiritual practices, recommendations for the best EMF protection tools and supplements along with food protocol to support your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as we ascend into the new earth. You will leave this class with a deep knowing that YOU’RE NOT CRAZY, you’re ascending!

    Amber in Action

    Lighting up souls from stages around the world is one of Amber’s greatest gifts. She is renown for channeling divinely inspired messages meant specifically for the audience in front of her.

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    What These Lightworkers Say

    – Rachel B.

    “Her energy and enthusiasm is the most amazing thing to experience. She truly believes in everyone she works with and I am so thankful that she will forever be my other Cheerleader! Thanks girl, love you XoXo”

    – Mariana V.

    “Because of Amber, I’ve been clearer on my PURPOSE for my life – which is to be a healer and in service to others. Every. Single. Time. She practices what she preaches and creates results in her life.”

    Watch testimonials from fellow light workers, industry leaders and students sharing their experience and success stories after working with me. You can become a success story, too!

    – Alexi Panos,Modern Day Philosopher, Writer, Artist, Humanitarian

    – Alex Fairman,Co-Founder Next Level Coaches & SPEAR, Mystic Teacher

    – Student,Let Your Light Shine Live Bootcamp

    – Emily Gallagher,CEO of Conscious Boss

    – Carly,Holistic Health Coach & Personal Trainer

    – Becca Van Leeuwen,